The GOOD. The BAD. The UGLY. - September 26, 2017
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Just when you think you have a leg up on Babesia… it reminds you that there’s no stopping it’s disease. While we’ve been traveling for the past almost 20 days now, I’ve had a lot of really good days and then I’ve also had some pretty rough ones. We’ve been super hopeful as has our doctor that my ferretin (a protein in my iron), would maintain its levels since all my vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, mitochondria, and all my blood and oxygen levels were finally back to where a body’s are supposed to be. However, babesiosis only feeds on ferretin and we HAVE to figure out how to kill them so that my body can continue to maintain crucial levels of hemaglobin, hematocrit, platelets, and of course ferretin. My recent labs show that Babesia is extremely active as my ferretin levels are rapidly dropping again. We were working so hard to kill them from November until mid May when I almost didn’t make it on May 19th. Since then, we’ve had to take a break on the “kill” and have had to be in a “building” phase so that I can survive.

So, where we’re at now… I’m sitting in the truck while Cory and the kiddos are exploring Rocky Mountain National Park. It’s only 43* outside, and even bundled up like I am… it’s too much for me. This view is amazing and we’ve been listening to bull elk send off their bugles, watching all the mommas and their babies, and just enjoying seeing all of Gods great creation around us! I am continually researching Babesiosis and trying to find some better ways to go about killing it off before it wins. We are all praying for help and healing. We are traveling, exploring, and taking in all of these amazing creations!

We were in South Dakota last week for five nights and saw Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Badlands National Park, Minuteman Missles, Windcaves National Park, and the Needles Highway in gorgeous Custer State Park. We have seen sooooo many elk, antelope, tons of buffalo, deer, thousands of prairie dogs, an eagle, and more.

Colorado was a special stop we made to see my Aunt Lisa, Uncle Ken, and cousins, Zach, Logan, (we really really wanted to see Korey Anna, Brittany and Boots and their baby who’s already overdue a week😬. (Come on baby! 👶)…  but we had to escape the early cold Colorado is having. We made sure to go to Rocky Mountain National Park quickly before we head off to Kansas!

We sure love our family near and far and we’re enjoying seeing as many as we can along this adventure!

Enjoy all these pics…  see ya in Kansas!❤️

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