What is Babesia? Where is my Ferretin?

dani@beautyfullmess.com - March 28, 2017

Update & Prayers Needed!

dani@beautyfullmess.com - March 28, 2017

I’m finally writing this and asking for prayers!  We’ve had a few rough weeks, kiddos have been very sick with UTIs, bronchitis, ear infections, and sinus infections. I’ve been in and out of urgent care with severe stomach pains, among other things.

Our kiddos are on the mend and I’m so thankful that this is coming to an end soon. However, I am super weak, and more fatigued than I’ve been in a really long time. My ferretin is still on the decline and I’ve been confined to bed more than I’d like😬

At urgent care, though both doctors were very kind…  they both had to look up what Babesia was. Then they returned to the room to tell me that though they believe in Lyme Disease and it’s co-infections, that they are not familiar with the diseases, how they manifest, how they are treated, etc…  once they see my lab work they are sooooo alarmed and want to run a gazillion tests, and start highly recommending that I find another doctor to treat me.  They could not have been more kind, but it is so quickly obvious that they don’t want to touch me with a ten foot pole😩

These experiences are exhausting and frequent. When I’m already this weak, dealing with this extra is so hard. Please pray for my meds to begin working and my ferretin to increase when enough of these bugs are killed off and not eating the ferretin!

🙏🏼Please pray for energy to walk and do things with the kids. Please pray that we feel well enough for our next move across the island this Saturday into a bigger space…  we’ve been in 450 square feet and we will go from one bedroom to three😵

Thank you for reading and sticking with our family in these rough times…  we are so hopeful for GOOD ahead soon!


Sincerely, Dani

Hayden and Lucy are paddling with Lanikai and ❤it!

IMG_4457 Grey is hoping to start hula soon…  she’s all dressed for the part!


Corys parents were here and we enjoyed some fun times with them…  here’s a pic from our last dinner we shared at our fave place!



  1. It helps to know how to pray more specifically for you and your dear family. Sending hugs ( and lots of prayer) your way. ❤

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